Weird Japanese Things: Beauty Products

Face Rollers

Infomercials for this apparatus regularly appear on TV, and you can buy them at most department stores and beauty shops.  It’s meant to massage your face in such a way that skin appears younger and healthier.  Face rollers are about the size of a pencil, but a little thicker and made of metal.  The top part rotates as you brush it up your face, sort of like a lint brush that clears away wrinkles instead of fuzzies.  The group of retired ladies I teach English conversation to swear by this thing.  One even spent close to 300 dollars on hers!

Face Bras

The first time one of my students told me I had a “small face”, I had to ask, “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”  Apparently it’s a very good thing, and telling someone they have a small face is quite a high compliment.  Whether your face is large or small is not about circumference- it’s about how close-set your features are.  Even a wide, round head can have a small face if the eyes, nose and mouth are daintily arranged in the very center.  All sorts of products exist to shrink the face, most of dubious effectiveness.  My favorite I’ve seen so far is the face bra, which squishes your face to perfection as you sleep.

Mig and I have small faces:


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