Odds and Ends

I don’t think any of the following will be very interesting for you to read about, but my mom does, so you have to hear about it anyway.

Unlike my Japanese colleagues, I skipped out on work during as much of Golden Week as possible. Osaka has been on my to-do list since I came to Japan, so I shlepped myself down south for a nice break from living in the cold middle of nowhere.

Let’s back up to Christmas for a minute. Standing in line at customs on my way home for the holidays, I heard a familiar voice in the crowd. My high school English teacher was in line ahead of me, meaning we had been on the same flight from Japan. Come to find out, she’s been living in Osaka for the past two years, teaching at an international school. She invited me to visit her once we returned to Japan, so my Golden Week holidays were spent chez sensei.

The most exciting thing about Osaka is the heavy accent locals have. As accents aren’t very photogenic, most of my pictures were of jelly fish in the aquarium. Jelly fish are the only animals I approve of. On a side note, king crabs are probably the scariest animal I’ve ever seen. Sure they’re delicious served in bite-size pieces, but live ones look like three-foot-tall armored spiders. If their brains ever evolve to larger than peanut-sized, we are in some serious trouble.

In other news, my contract with my current schools ends in July, so I’m looking for a new job in Tokyo or somewhere else exciting. That’s all the information I have for you so far, so don’t ask me any questions. Also, I’ve added Fractal and The World Only God Knows to my watched-anime list (they’re both okay), and Bleach is going strong at episode 322.


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