Definitely Not Safe For Work

Well, maybe if your boss has a really great sense of humor…

Vaginas-in-a-can are a masturbation staple in Japan. Yes, you read that right: VAGINAS-IN-A-CAN. In case you’re wondering how exactly that would work, don’t worry, I have a video for you. Tenga, one of Japan’s top sex toy manufacturers, recently helped out with the tsunami relief efforts by donating a bunch of these to various relief shelters in the Tohoku region. I guess as NPOs have a monopoly on food and shelter aid, Tenga decided to tackle the sexual frustration that emerges when you share close quarters with hundreds of other refugees.

While we’re on the topic, let’s explore some other fascinating/creepy aspects of Japan’s sex culture. Previously we covered Boy Love, the declining birthrate, and general social sympathy for love directed at inanimate objects. Today, let’s talk about Japanese porn. Like most people my age, everything I know about porn I learned from the internet… meaning newsites and Wikipedia in my case. Also, Jake Adelstein’s memoir Tokyo Vice is a captivating read on the Japanese underbelly; plus he’s from Missouri.

Tentacle sex is a porn tradition dating from the Edo period, possibly earlier. In order to get around censorship laws preventing depiction of people’s sex bits, creators of erotic woodblock prints decided to pleasure men by illustrating ladies being pleasured by various sea creatures. In more modern times, the sci-fi genre introduced aliens as a new and exciting variety of tentacled protagonists.

While too much skin sends Japan’s censors into a panic, themes such as incest, pedophilia and rape somehow raise no alarms. There are even video games, called “rape play”, that feature a male character who wanders the city fondling, molesting and raping women to gain points. Anime porn is popular, and not just with the otaku set. Your average dirty old man can be seen reading it on the train or at the convenience store.

Aside from these… unique… types of pornography, there is also your garden-variety live-action films. I personally am not a porn connoisseur, but lucky for you, a few friends agreed to be interviewed for your edification. Some other unique aspects of Japanese porn include:

Excellent picture quality resulting from Japan’s advanced camera technology.

Very little background music.

Shaving/waxing of the nether regions is absent for both male and female porn actors.

Fetishes particular to Japanese culture such as train gropers, boob-fondling (without sex), soaplands and school girl roles that are probably played by actual school girls, not porn stars. Japan doesn’t have much in the way of anti-pedophilia laws.


One thought on “Definitely Not Safe For Work

  1. I’ll watch the video at home. I was just sure “Tentacle” sex was a typo and you meant “Tantric”. Until I saw the picture anyway. 🙂

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