Before I left the rice fields of rural Yamanashi, I used to wonder at the lifestyle of people living in Tokyo. How can people fit comfortably into matchbox-sized apartments? How can someone leave for work just after sunrise every morning and still never return home until late into the night? Why is everyone dressed in suits even on the weekend? I’ve only been a Tokyo-ite for few months, but all of these habits have already worked themselves into my life as well.

In this photo, you can see all 60 square feet of my living space. Many bathrooms, closets and cardboard boxes are bigger than my apartment. Not that it matters much, as I’ve discovered the reason people in Tokyo spend so little time at home. There’s so much to do in this city! You can do anything you want, and I want copiously, so I’m usually only home as many hours as I need to sleep. Additionally, outside of my day job as a kindergarten teacher at an international school, I give private English lessons in my free time (meaning business attire even on Saturdays). With so much bustle that even a layabout like me gets drawn in, it’s no wonder that Tokyo-ites say “Are you busy?” as a greeting instead of the more traditional “How are you?”.

Am I busy? Yes. Am I too busy to watch anime? No way. The World Only God Knows, Code Geass (Definitely watch this one, Andrew.), Ouran High School Host Club (Ashley, you should try this one.), Blue Exorcist, Kaichou wa Maido-sama and Kuro Hitsuji.


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