I decided not to go to work this morning (Yes, my job is awesome.), and so ended up watching a Japanese morning show over breakfast with my roommates.  Think Good Morning America, but younger, hipper and Japanese.  Today’s featured musician was a group called Scott & Rivers, a newly formed band composed of two foreigners who write and perform in Japanese.  Scott & Rivers were the first non-Japanese to ever perform at the annual New Year’s Eve concert, which is broadcast nation-wide.  Here’s the cover of their first album:

Does Rivers look a little familiar to you??  That’s right—he’s none other than River Cuomo, founder of Weezer.  Scott is Scott Murphy from some other band.  Here’s a link to their first single.  The Japanese text at the beginning says, “We tried writing our own song lyrics (in Japanese).  There might be mistakes, but please forgive us.”


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