In other news

Here is a bunch of random stuff I’ve been meaning to tell you:

This is what a world map looks like in Japan.  Japan is of course in the center, demonstrating that everyone is solipsistic, not just me.

Please notice how Russia is in both Asia and Europe.  Turkey is not.

Please notice how Russia is in both Asia and Europe. Turkey is not.  Disputed territories are in white.

Japanese people peel their grapes before eating.

my housemate, Junko-chan

Scrunchies are still cool.

at the 100 yen shop

Drinking hot water mixed with flavored vinegar is the newest health trend.  Apparently it mimics your stomach’s natural juices and aids digestion.  It’s also a cure for post-alcohol tummy troubles.

vinegar digestif

vinegar shake

Things Japan Is Good At #4: Waiting in Line

This is just a normal day at Baskin Robbins, not even free scoop day (every 31st of the month.)   In other things you should know, Baskin Robbins is called “31” in Japanese (pronounced in Japenglish – saati wan).  Notice how the “BR” logo is in two colors to make the number 31 stand out in the center.  Most Japanese people narrow in on that “31” and don’t even know the ice cream shop has an alternate name.

saati wan

Escalators have a walking side and a standing side, and the Japanese will wait in line to stand on the escalator instead of choosing to walk a completely clear path up the steps.

Kasuga Station

Korakuen Station

Physical affection between guys is not equated with homosexuality.

man love

Recognize this restaurant?  No?  Imagine Uma Thurman killing ninjas in it.  Located a few blocks away in Nishi-Azabu, it was the setting for a fight scene in Kill Bill.



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