Just Odd

Yesterday I saw a pickup truck pulling two giant robot ladies down Omotesando, one of the most fashionable, busiest streets in Tokyo. Femmebots rolling down the road? – I didn’t bat an eye.  But the sight of a proper, American-style truck on a Japanese street shocked me.  I’m from Missouri, yet found a pickup remarkable.  Japan has possibly forever altered my perception of “normal”.

The femmebot truck is a mobile advertisement for a new theme restaurant in Tokyo. There are theme restaurants here for every interest–trains, ninjas, monsters, girl bands and prisons among others. They vary in intensity. The Alice in Wonderland place is underwhelming, consisting primarily of gothic lolita/steampunk interior decor and fancy, stylized menu items.

Fancy food

Fancy dessert

Fancy decorations

Occupying the middle ground, we have maid cafes.  Originally a home away from home for otaku, fetishists and creepy old men, maid cafes have recently caught on with young women because of the fun atmosphere and super cute staff.  The food is so-so, but when your waitress says a magic spell over your meal to make it extra delicious, the kawaii overload makes you completely forget to care.

Shizuru-chan, my maid

with my flatmates outside the cafe

my membership card


At far end of the only-in-Japan spectrum, the Robot Restaurant is bat shit crazy.  I don’t even have words to describe it.  Luckily, I do have videos.

You need panorama to capture this much crazy!

Why are there dinosaurs in front of the Robot Restaurant?  Beats me.








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